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Jewell Marceau
Jewel: The Complete Professional

Jewell was a total professional. Working internationally as a fashion model since she was only 14 years old, there was nothing that could faze her. Or so she thought. Today's shoot (in a huge industrial warehouse complex outside Cologne) was for edgy fashion label 'Desperation'. And Jewell was not at all surprised to learn that the concept for the session was 'Distress'. Jewell was sure she could do exactly what the art director was looking for; she'd been doing 'Distressed but still pretty', 'In peril but still pretty' and 'Angry but still pretty' for years.

Art directors always thought their ideas were edgy, but this one (Jewell thought) actually did seem to want something a bit more challenging than normal. 'Give me distress!' he bellowed at her. 'NO! Not glamourous distress, ACTUAL distress!' Jewell started to feel confused. Surely he still wanted her to look nice?

And that's when he did something that surprised her. Grabbing the cuffs she'd been posing with, he reached for her wrists and attached them securely behind her. Unused to such treatment, Jewell was wrong-footed. She continued trying to pose, but before she was used to the restraints, he added more; this time clamping a heavy metal collar round her neck. A thick chain attached her to the wall, and it began to dawn on Jewell that she was being forced to work in an entirely different way. At this shoot, she thought she might achieve a look of real desperation...

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