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Lauren Langley
Lauren: Backfired Blackmail

Lauren figured it was easier than working for a living. All you need is a video camera, a friend with a passkey to the hotel rooms and an eye on the people signing in. Many "Mr. and Mrs. Smith's" had found themselves on the wrong end of Lauren's little photographic sideline. A few notes, an e-mailed video clip and a carefully worded suggestion later and Lauren's rent was paid for another month or six. Amazing how many people did strange things in hotel rooms. this particular "Mr. Smith" was supposedly into all sorts of kinky things, people tied to the bed-posts, nipple clamps and rubber, that sort of thing. Would all make for a good video diary to surprise the real "Mrs. Smith" with. Given that his Aston Martin was parked in the hotel garage, it promised to be quite a lucrative few minutes' work.

She slipped in through the door, and sure enough there was a couple on the bed in a pretty compromising position. Trying not to make any sound (they seemed pretty engaged in their own activities anyway, but it always helped to have more footage), she directed the camera's glassy stare at the naked flesh before her.

Then something wrapped itself around her ankle and yanked her off her feet. She collapsed with a yell, and the couple from the bed were on her. Though she fought like a tigress, in no time at all her torso was trussed in tight red rope and her wrists and ankles were tightly tied. The laughing couple seemed totally unabashed by their discovery... and Lauren's glares and threats didn't seem to have any effect. Finally "Mrs. Smith" patted the struggling girl on her head and whispered in her ear.

"So NICE of you to drop in on us, my dear. We thought you might just find us irresistable. You see, you made the mistake of trying to blackmail a very good friend of mine a few weeks ago, and he asked me if my husband and I minded sorting you out a little. Well, we seem to have you at our mercy now, so you'd better tell us where you keep your files and tapes. Otherwise my good husband here will have to use some of this delicious bondage equipment on your pretty body, and wouldn't that be a shame?"

It hadn't taken long. A few electric shocks here, a twist of the nipples there and the blackmailer's secrets were out. They knew where she kept everything. Blackmailers usually are cowardly at heart, after all. Now she hoped that "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" would pack up and stop hurting her. No such luck.

"Well my dear" said "Mr. Smith", who was sitting on the bed facing Lauren, "that was far too easy. I don't know about you my dear" he said, running his hand lovingly along the thigh of the well-endowed brunette leaning by his side "but I barely started to work up any enthusiasm before she blabbed everything."

"Mmmm, most disappointing I agree" said the brunette. "We don't need her to talk any more, do we? So why don't we stop up her useless mouth with a nice gag and let's really get down to some fun?"

"I think so. You gag her, I'll get out the KY and the anal probes!"

Lauren's eyes widened in fear as she saw the size of some of the things in their bag of tricks. There was NO WAY they could fit any of those obscene rubber things into her... not without a damn fight at least! She started to struggle and grind her wrists, trying to get the ropes free. Of course, it did her no good. When the knot got loose, they just retied her- tighter. Lauren wasn't getting away without a good solid fucking- from "Mr. Smith", "Mrs. Smith" and their bag of tricks!

While the two sex fiends who had captured her planned her humiliation, Lauren was having an interesting time with one of the knots. She just about managed to get it free from around her wrists- now if only they kept looking the other way she might just get free! But instantly all hope was dashed!

"Oh look, isn't that sweet? She's managed to untie a knot. Hold her arms behind her back for me would you darling? I'll just retie it here... and here... nicely out of the way of reaching fingers! Now then, where were we? Oh yes, I think we should blindfold her, strap her face down on the bed and lick her all over..."

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