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Clover: Waking Up (Stills)

Rise and shine, Clover! Time to get up and go to work! But even a nude in metal girl has to brush her hair and put on her makeup before she can go out....

Hywel's Note: when we shot this set, we thought we might use it for a new website called nude in metal (hence the logos on the photos). Instead we decided to make nude in metal a feature on RE. We also thought we'd try shooting stills and videos of each set- we did it for a while, but it is too much like hard to swap between the full studio flash lighting set up and the stills video set up for each set. We tried a few different ways of doing this, in the end we've decided the very highest quality results come from concentrating on stills or on video for a day at a time rather than alternating for each set.

49 pics 9.5 MB zip

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Price: $6.99 Per Zip File