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Kate Brox
Kate Brox: Policewoman Handcuffed

WPC Kate Brox was on duty in the Whipped Elegance fetish and strip club. Supposedly, she was there to inspect ID and make sure no-one underage got in. In fact, she spent most of her time taking bribes from kids not to bust them for a pocketful of pot or letting her large circle of friends and relations into the club without paying. Finally though the game was up! The night-club manager had installed CCTV in the lobby and the rear porch and caught her letting in half a dozen drunk mates through the fire exit! She was majorly busted! He said he was going to call the police station and get one of her colleagues to come arrest her- and in the meantime he was going to cuff her with her own handcuffs to make sure she couldn't make a getaway! The manager of the strip club had her over a barrel. She'd been letting people in for free... and taking bribes too. If he called the station, some of those bastards from the east precinct were sure to come get her, and that would be it- police brutality was named after those guys! He started to dial and suddenly the answer came to her... "Please don't call the station! It'll finish me. Look, I'll do whatever you want. You've seen the way the customers keep groping my ass- what about I get up there on the stage and give them a show? You get a bunch of happy customers, and I get to keep my job?" She knew that the manager fancied her, and she'd spent so long watching the girls that she knew she could do a great strip. Plus the customers really did fancy her! So she'd be stripping in front of a bunch of her friends, which was bloody humiliating, but it was far better than the truncheons of the East Precinct...
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