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Annalee Rope Webbed & Nipple Clamped

Annalee specifically asked to be tied in a tight, constricting rope-web so she could show off how sexy it looked to her boyfriend! Lucky guy, huh? This was our last set of the day, and Annalee was VERY into things by this point! She'd already asked to be tied up in a very tight ropeweb, but it wasn't enough- she wanted to be made completely helpless. A rope to the ceiling did the trick, restricting her freedom of movement even further and resulting in an almost-suspension-like tie. Then I suggested the nipple clamps. She bit her lip and admitted that they really hurt her as her nipples were extremely sensitive, and she could probably only stand them for a short time... but that she desperately wanted to give them a go! So on they went. You can see from her face that she is really turned on, but also really in that zone of pleasure/pain where the stimulation from the nipple clamps is really getting to her but she can't quite stand it. WOW. I needed a cold shower afterwards. Oh, and the photos of the ropemarks were so she could show off afterwards and show people what it was really like!
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