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Kate Brox
Kate Brox: Bondage Dream

Another dismal night of shouted small-talk, stale smells and stinking men. Why weren't there any goddamn heroes any more? For that matter, why weren't there even any evil men with style? Just pathetic, boozing, slobbering slime-bags. What she wouldn't give for a dashing prince charming... or even the forced attentions of the wicked Baron! She drifted off into booze-hazed sleep. The room spun around her, dissolving into dreams... the clank of chains, the rattle of swords, the roar of a battle, darkness... then a harsh light transfixed her in its glare. <br>"N-ya-ha! Welcome, my dear!" voice like black oil said from the shadows. "Nya-ha-ha! You have fought bravely, my dear, but you and your little band of.. n-ya... ruffians are no match for my elite guards! Sergeant- have what's left of her men given a pauper's funeral. And hang her high, I intend to take my- n-ya-ha- pleasure with her!" Her dream intensified as the nameless, faceless masters pushed and pulled her body into positions of sexual servitude. A strappado forces her up onto tiptoes, and the black-clad leather dominants grope and caress her breasts... a flash of dream-light and she is tied on one leg, wrist to ankle keeping her delicious body tight... she moans and writhes in her bed, her fingers straying between her legs as the dream gets ever hotter... and wetter... Kate awakes from her bondage dreams to find... she is locked into steel manacles! Bars have appeared on her bedroom window, and the blanket box at the foot of the bed is full of handcuffs! What the hell is going on?
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