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Tryste - Perhaps I will...

It had been a very good evening, but it was time to turn on the tease and leave the guy panting for more. It was no part of her plan to let him get some- after all, how do you manage to keep a man captivated as a pint-size temptress if you don't keep his balls blue with frustration? She kicked over the glass of Cristal deliberately, giggling. 'Oh whoops! I've gone and soaked the hem of my dress!' (the dress he had just had made for her, at vast expense). 'I'll have to go back to my room!' But he seemed in no mood to let her go. Indeed, as he jumped on her with the ropes he had concealed behind the sofa, he seemed in no mood to let her carry on the tease. And as she struggled in the unfamiliar position he called a 'hogtie' she thought to herself that perhaps, this time, she would break her own rules...
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