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Elle Tyler
Elle - Archaeology is Boring!

Elle wasn't quite sure how she'd even got talking into this stupid trip. She'd wanted to go to Europe- London, Paris, Milan, Rome... somewhere with shops at any rate. Instead Ashley had persuded her to come on her trip to Egypt. Tombs. Dust. Desert. And a dress code that meant you had to keep almost everything covered, so you couldn't even get an all-over tan!

And to add insult to bloody injury, Ashley had copped off with some bronze god from Scandinavia on the first night and she hadn't even seen her since. So she was stuck with the bloody museums. Again. She yawned at the brochure, watched the rest of her tour group wander off. She just couldn't be arsed to walk any further. She kicked one of the stone frescos with an elegant high heel. It was all rubbish, anyway. And no shops.

The keeper of antiquities takes a fairly dim view of foreigners kicking the frescos in his museum. What's more, he and the guards have perfected a little strategy for dealing with these troublesome spoilt Americans...

Elle couldn't believe that she was in trouble for just kicking some stupid stone carvings. What sort of tinpot country was this where they tied up girls just because they'd rested a high heel against the stupid carvings. Didn't they know she was an American? She was RICH, goddam it! And why had they stolen her shoes? And what did "bastinado" mean anyway?

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