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Elle Tyler
Elle Tyler - You WILL talk, Miss Hayfield!

She always knew working at the Ministry of Defence was a risk, but the service to her country was reason enough to do it. The only trouble was, making tea for the head of CI4 didn't seem quite like the "defence of the realm" stuff she had signed up for from Roedean. But someone seemed to think she knew something of worth... of enough worth to kidnap her and interrogate her, anyway!

What did she know about the meeting? Where was it going to be held? Who would attend?

Which meeting?

The one with the sheik of A***** of course! Don't act stupid with me, you Western bitch!

The sheik of where?? she thought to herself. Oh dear. I really have no idea what he is talking about...

The head of CI4 section's secretary, the brave Miss Hayfield, has been kidnapped... dismayed to finally realise that she really does as little as she pretends to know, the kidnappers gag her and start to figure out if they can use her as a hostage...

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