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Molly Matthews
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Wowzer, this is an old set! As part of my policy of spreading updates out, sometimes it can be years after a set is shot when I finally get around to putting it up on the site. This is one of a few sets I still have left from my very first photo trip to Los Angeles, way back in spring 2001, before the site was even open to paying customers. I probably put off processing it initially because when the film (wow! archaic technology! slide film) came back from the processors it had been marked, scratched, got dusty... and all that before they'd done the scans I'd paid for. Cleaning these up would have been a marathon job, but even if I'd done so, the results of the multiple stage scan process would still look pretty primitive compared with the results fresh out of a modern digital SLR.

And yet... Emily Marilyn (who was modelling under the name Molly Matthews back then) in a tight tie: check out the bar between the back of her neck and the toe tie, plus a fat bit gag and nipple clamps. It was too good to leave languishing in the vaults unseen. So please forgive the poor technical quality and take a trip back to the beginning of the website!

72 photos 15.6 MB zip

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