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Elle Tyler
VIDEO: Sword and Sandals (Part One)

I was rather young when I first saw 'Spartacus' on television. I think I found the story pretty gory and baffling, but I was transfixed by an early scene, in which Spartacus is revealed (this is how I remember it anyway) staked out on a rock by a slave owner, waiting to die. He looks absolutely resigned to his fate, but his eyes are burning with the fury that presumably led him into the predicament to start with.... I wouldn't have expected to find a depiction of a tied up man all that exciting, but I really liked imagining myself as Spartacus. I'm not very brave in real life, but I love to imagine myself to be HUGELY heroic in fantasies, and Spartacus did a great job of that. I can't remember how he escapes, but the next thing I remember in the film (I'm afraid I have an extremely selective memory, and only really remember the bits of films that are sexy...) was Spartacus being trained to be a gladiator. Mmmm, training sequences, they've always held a very special place in my fantasies, and I very much enjoyed imagining being trained to be a killing-machine. (this sounds rather disturbing as I write it, but hey, ho....)

So, when Hywel and I started planning our video trip to the South of Spain last August, the first thing I decided that I'd like to do was some sort of re-enactment of my favourite scenes from that long-ago Roman Epic. I'm afraid I wanted to cast myself as Spartacus, but that did seem rather selfish, so I cast Elle Tyler instead; which left Hywel to be the evil overseer who condemns her to death-by-exposure, and Sammie B and me to play the brave Roman ladies who rescue her. I wasn't sure about how sexy it'd be to watch us all training to be fighters, so I changed the story a little bit after that...

I'd like to apologise at this point to anyone who really doesn't want to see people being rescued. She just has to be, in order to facilitate the orgy of love bondage that'll follow in the later episodes. Sorry.

We tied poor Elle up to a tree growning on the dusty road leading up from our villa. It really WAS very hot and she started to look rather bedraggled and sorry for herself (in a very glamorous, sexy way) pretty quickly. We sprayed her with oil and water every so often to add to the effect and then set to work filming Elle's struggling scenes, and the dialogue between the rest of us. After a while, Elle started to burn (we really should have forseen the unfortunate effect of baby oil under hot Spanish sun...) and decided we should wrap the scene up and get back under cover. It was only after we'd untied Elle and picked up the kit that we realised that the hills around us, which we'd believed to be entirely deserted, were in fact full of olive-pickers, all of whom had stopped work to gaze in wonder at the very naked Elle, and the very toga-d up Sammie, Hywel and me. We scuttled back to the villa in great confusion (the olive-pickers had really looked pretty friendly, but it's still embarrassing to be caught doing bondage in public) and continued with the later scenes, in which Elle is nursed back to health by the courageous Roman ladies.

I do hope you enjoy the first installment of our Roman Epic. I've been hoping to have a chance to shoot some proper sexy, love-bondage for some time, and I hope the later episodes will satisfy on that score. This first one is proper damsel-in-distress stuff, and I hope you'll find it sexier than the original 'Spartacus' :)


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