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Elle Tyler
Elle: The Classy Lady

Elle was perfectly happy to be a pole dancer. Of course, she had to deal with her fair share of rowdy business men, but she got to keep fit, have fun, and be admired from a nice safe distance on stage. But when the manager confronted her before her Friday-night shift and told her the club had got its licence for topless dancing, Elle was disgusted.

"I'm certainly not doing that!" she announced. "I'm a classy lady, and the customers will have to watch me dancing in my lingerie, or they won't be able to watch me at ALL!"

Sadly for Elle, the manager's patience was thin, having had similar discussions with similarly outraged dancers all day. Elle was his top girl, so he certainly couldn't afford to have her walking out on him. He took matters into his own hands to make sure she'd spend the rest of her shift in the club, and that the customers would definitely benefit from his expensive new licence!

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