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Clover: Late Library Book

Lovely librarian Clover normally loves her job. Travelling around town, driving the mobile library, bringing a little education and edification into people's lives, being her own boss, no-one to clock her in and out, just a series of council targets to meet each month for number of loans and so on.

The one bit of her job she didn't really like was enforcing late library book fines. She thought it was really mean to punish someone for taking a long time to read something they'd borrowed. She agreed it was necessary in extreme cases, but thought the council's policy unfairly draconian.

It seems that the gentleman who had borrowed all the mobile library's kinky books thought likewise, for when she came calling to try to reclaim the books and enforce the substantial fine for late returns, he seemed most disinclined to either pay up or part with the tomes. Indeed, he was most insistent that he still had many things to learn and was going through the books most methodically to make sure he had understood the principles and could apply them in practice. He informed her that the position he tied her into to prevent her filling in a second late return form was called a "hogtie", and the rope going to the ceiling served a very important function- it prevented her from getting away!

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