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Gemma Craven
Gemma The Girl Detective

Her boss, mean old Mr. McGrath, had seemed so nice the first time she met him. Kind of like a greying grizzly bear, bit of a growl but a heart of gold, everyone said. But Gemma wasn't so sure. Something about him didn't quite strike her right. Maybe it was the way he always slammed shut his desk drawers when she came into the office, or made sure he wiped disks with a magnet as well as erasing them on the computer. Maybe it was his regular Thursday afternoon disappearences. Something wasn't right with the accounts, either.

She was on vacation, but had decided to spend it at home with her friends from school that she hadn't seen since they graduated last year. They played volleyball on the beach and ate barbecues at lunch just like old times (except that this year the cold beers were legal). Imagine Gemma's surprise when a car she knew all too well drew up by the seafront on Thursday lunchtime and her boss got out, carrying a black case. Gemma hid behind Thelma so Mr. McGrath wouldn't see her as he walked across from the car park and down to the beach. Gemma snuck off after him, followed him through the long reed grass towards Wrecker's point. She saw him slip into a cave, high above the waterline but concealed by an overhang. A few minutes later he slipped out again, and Gemma hid in the grass while he walked past her- without the black case. She slipped into the darkened cave.

Inside it was quite cosy, not damp or dank, with a few chairs, some boxes and barrels, and some rugs thrown around on the floor. Gemma saw Mr. McGrath's case lying on the floor- she dove right at it. Yes! His laptop, and no screen lock! In seconds, she was in. What she saw horrified her! Mr. McGrath wasn't just rotten, he was a big-time crook. Crooked construction deals, houses built of substandard materials near fault lines, payoffs to city officials, police chief Walters in it to his eyeballs...

"So, Miss Craven!"

Gemma jumped a mile. Mr. McGrath was standing behind her with two heavily-built thugs.

"You've doscovered my little home by the sea. Too bad for you! I've got a final big deal closing this afternoon, and I'm not about to let the mob know I've got a nosy P.A. poking around in my affairs! Tony, Eric, get her!"

The thugs wrestled her to the ground, bound her hand and foot.

"I'd been planning to get rid of this place anyway, just do it before the meeting rather than after." Mr. McGrath said. He walked over to one of the barrels, lifted off the cover. It was full of dynamite! He picked up a bundle, already attached to a timer, punched a couple of buttons. There was a soft beep and the numbers on the screen started to count down.

"Goodbye, my dear. You were at best an adequate P.A.." Mr. McGrath said, and tossed the bundle of dynamite into the lap of the struggling girl.

"Tony, Eric, we have a meeting to attend. Say farewell to Miss Craven."

The thugs leered at her as they left. Mr. McGrath blew her a kiss, turned and walked through the cave mouth.

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