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Sara W
Sara W: Chasing The Light

I'm nerdy and slightly obsessive about many things. Beautiful girls barefoot in bondage comes pretty close to top of the list, but you know what actually comes top? Beautiful light. I climb mountains to see beautiful light. I go north to the Arctic to see and experience beautiful light. I've spend decades as a photographer learning how to capture the light, and how to make it in the studio.

So when Philippa (our intern) and I saw this shaft of golden light spearing through the bedroom windows, with a rippled, dappled effect through the old glass of the windows, we ran in to frantically shoot something in the few minutes before the light faded. We grabbed handcuffs and leg irons (no time for rope) and, I'm sorry to say, also grabbed Sara with some unseemly haste because we knew she'd look just spellbinding.

There wasn't time to shoot a whole set, which is why this is a bonus update. But I love the cinematic, liquid quality of the golden light and contrast with the deep blues and purples of the rest of the room (which were lit purely by the blue northern winter sky, and therefore have a deep intense indigo quality that you just can't get any other way).

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