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Artemis Fauna
Artemis: Bound in White

As Artemis struggled, experimenting with the tight ropes that Ariel had so neatly tied her in, I was struggling too- trying to find a different look for this photoset. As I'm sure you'll know if you've been here a while, the normal "RE look" is high impact, high contrast, saturated primary colours, crisp detail, and pure blacks. That's the way my eye sees, and it is always the look that comes most easily for me to shoot. But I like to play with different ideas from time to time, so for the start of this set we tried adding some soft and diffusing haze in the room and processed with a deliberately desaturated and slightly cooler look. I quite like the result, but I'm aware it isn't my natural forte. Which is why I shot the second half of the set in my more usual style instead. I like both- which do you prefer?

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