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Claire Topaz
Claire Topaz: Ballet Boots In The Dungeon: The RE Look

Today's gorgeous photos of the wicked Claire Topaz having fun in the dungeon are a great case-in-point for the post-processing tutorial. When I first looked at the shots right after the shoot, I assumed I'd go for a "regular" RE look when I processed them.

I dialled in an S-shaped tone curve, lifted the mid-tines, chose a warm-ish colour balance to make sure Claire's skin glowed. Then added a bit of a vignette - just enough to offset the bright edges from the fill light. The fill in the dungeon is frontal, almost on-camera. Of necessity: the light has to get in through the same door in the wall that I'm shooting through. Usually I put light in through the window to camera right (why is there a window in that wall anyway? We have ad odd house!) This time I added a speedlight up on the vaulting at camera left, for more of a crossed-back-light effect.

When I came to process the whole set, I still liked the results. You can see lots of detail, and Claire's skin tones look great. There's not too much separation in tone between her and the stones behind her, but that's OK because of the crossed back lights. I just wondered if there was a more dramatic look in there... for which, see the "cinematic look" version of today's set!

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