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Claire Topaz
Claire Topaz: Rainy Day Damsel

It's not that she mind being tied up... just that she's lonely! Surely someone will come to keep her company soon? Maybe not a Prince, but at least the Evil Baron might make an appearance?

Hywel's note: this is one of the earliest sets I shot with the new camera in available light and I was still getting my head around the best combination of aperture, shutter speed and ISO. The high ISO is so bad on the Hasselblad that I'm used to leaving it at the lowest setting and using slow shutter to compensate, with the risk of shake that that entails. On the Sony I now realise I should just have whacked the ISO up to 400 or 800 and gone with a faster shutter speed. So there's a bit of subject/camera movement in some of these especially if you zoom right in to the full-size versions.

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