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Irene: When Your Brother is a Hero

You know, when your brother makes his living as a hero, all sorts of nonsense comes your way. You are forever getting begged to get a signed photo of him, or to put a word in his ear to come and sort out all the problems of every random stranger on the street who happens to recognise you. Why yes, I am Captain Miracle's sister. Why no, I couldn't care less about the man who keeps dropping his cigarette butts over your fence. Of course I'll mention it to the Captain, you vile curtain-twitching old harridan.

But the most major inconvenience to one's own lifestyle is the ceaseless parade of villains who decide to use you as a hostage. Honestly, some weeks they have to form a queue over who is going to kidnap you. What they don't know, of course, is that I'm doing my research.

You see, when your brother is a hero, and he's dumb but strong, as his kid sister who has superpowers of her own up to her pretty neck, but is MUCH smarter, and rather less Dudley-Do-Right, it pays to take notes. After all, how are you going to rule the world if you can't even defeat your own annoying brother?

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