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Fiona Jane
Fiona Jane: Only The Beginning

Although she wasn't quite sure why, Fiona loved the slender metal collar her boyfriend had bought her. She'd had it for a month, and she couldn't stop wearing it. Since they didn't live together, she'd also slipped it on at night - she'd have died if he'd known, but in the privacy of her bed she could enjoy the feeling of it against her skin and the baffling sense of security it seemed to give her.

But now she was at his place for the weekend, and wasn't inclined to be dishonest about how much she loved it. She felt a bit embarrassed wearing it with her thick turtleneck sweater but once she'd slipped into her satin nightgown she thought it probably looked pretty appropriate. When she came out of the bathroom though, there was a surprise waiting for her on the bed. Apparently the collar had only been the beginning.

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