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The Elegance Network: Browsing Jasmine Sinclair & Candice Simmons: Karaoke Queen Part Two
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Candice Simmons
Jasmine Sinclair & Candice Simmons: Karaoke Queen Part Two

Alcohol, lust and passion coursed through Jasmine's body. The woman had made her kiss her ass, right here on the dance-floor of the night-club! She made her kneel, planted the spike of her heel on her neck and made her wait on the floor while she walked slowly away... opened some door somewhere, came back bearing cuffs and spreader bars and whips! Jasmine didn't even whisper to resist as the domme strung her up, right there in front of everyone! "What you need" she said "is really good seeing-to. First with the whip..." the crop cracked against Jasmine's unprotected ass... " then with my teeth and my tongue!" she bit into Jasmine's shoulder, savouring the pleasure-pain on the blonde's gorgeous face. "I'll whip your feet..." she knelt to take off Jasmine's shoes... "I'll torture your nipples... I'll make you beg for my touch!" The dominatrix was true to her word. Her whip kissed and seared Jasmine's back. her bum, her thighs, her nipples... and she was begging for it, begging for more! "You really are a horny little bitch, aren't you?" the sinister dominatrix said. "Undo my zips! No, not with your hands you worthless piece of shit, you undo them with your teeth! And then you beg to be allowed to kiss my breasts, you got that?" Jasmine didn't even nod- she simply obeyed. The humiliation flooded through her in orgasmic waves. "Uh-uh honey, I don't hear begging. If you can't use your mouth right when I order you to, you won't be using it at all!" and with that, she forced the microphone into Jasmine's mouth to keep her quiet!
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