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Jenny Lang
Jenny Lang- Secretary in Bondage

Jenny was working late at the office, trying to get the designs and plans for the new office sorted out. It was quite a high-profile project, using lots of new high-tech materials for the Ministry of Defence, and she was sure it was going to do her career no end of good... so long as she finished her parts of the design on time.

There was a soft click behind her... where there was no right to be anyone making any clicks at all. She turned... and screamed as a balaclava-clad man grabbed her and wrestled her to the floor! He tied her up expertly and left her on the floor while he downloaded files from her computer and photographed the plans and documents in her office... Poor Jenny! Now the industrial spy has gagged her so she can't scream for help! He seems to have taken what he wants from her files and from her PC... so why isn't he letting her go? Why is unbuttoning her silk blouse, slowly, one button at a time, lingering on each button, running his hands over the silk that encases her hot young flesh...?
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