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Kristy Louise
Kristy Louise Secretary's Punishment

Where the hell are those reports, Kristy-Louise? Typed them yet? Collated last year's reports so the board can compare the figures? No? What the hell are you playing at? Yes, I "know" you are chained to the desk and handcuffed. That was a punishment for flashing your tits at the photocopy repair man this morning, wasn't it? Don't see why that should slow down your typing any! Maybe if I gagged you so you can't gossip we might get the job done this century? You know, I don't think you are going to get that permanent position at this rate. You'll have to show me something a bit special if you want to convince me to keep you on... Ah, he had to admit there was no stress release like a good hard shag. Especially when the shag in question was a gorgeous redhead with a deliciously submissive streak. He knew she was actually pretty damn good at her job, that the report would be out on time... but that she needed to play the game, play the bimbo, play at being punishment before being roughly and forcefully taken on the floor of the office. This time he decided to play her own little game on her... he tied her, naked, to the office chair. "And now... you can finish the report! And you can stay here all night until everyone comes back and sees you in the morning!"... and with that, he left!
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