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Kristy Louise
Kristy Louise Naughty Nurse

Nurse Kristy had her own special health plan for all the patients on her ward. She reckoned that a sexy striptease show was just the thing to get the blood pumping and get the blokes back on their feet. After all, if they were chasing her around the ward trying to pinch her bum, they were getting good exercise! <br>It all went a bit wrong when she got transferred to the cardiac ward. The blokes were mostly a bit older, a definitely didn't seem to have quite the same get up and go. She hadn't had her bottom pinched all day, and she was starting to feel a bit unwanted! So she decided to give them all a really good show! Not just a flash of stocking top, this time she was going for the full dress-open flash of the tits! They seemed to be responding much better... and finally one of them even got up the energy to get out of bed and chase her! But then... oh no! Just as he was reaching out to fondle her fishnets, he clutched his chest and keeled over... stone dead! "Nurse! What the hell to do you think you are playing at?" screamed matron, as she rushed over to the fallen man. "These patients have HEART CONDITIONS, you stupid girl! You'll kill them all! What did you think you were doing???" Matron dragged her behind the screens and... incredibly... started to tie her up! "I'm going to keep you here safely curtained off until I can find you a regulation uniform! I can't let them see you like this or you'll kill even more of my patients!" Nurse Kristy heard the Matron bustling around outside the curtained-off bed where she was tied. Finally it all went quiet outside, and Matron slipped back in through the curtains. "Now then, you sinful little showoff... it is time to get what's coming to you!" She flipped Nurse Kristy over on to her stomach, and gagged her with a big red rubber ballgag that was definitely NOT standard issue on the NHS. "I've seen you shamelessly flaunting yourself all over the wards!" Matron said. "I think what a little tease like you is to be taught a lesson and given a good hard seeing to..." Just her luck, to get in trouble with a lesbian dominatrix Matron!...
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