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Paige Robbins
Paige: Turning Up The Heat

All Paige's friends were buzzing about the new club that had opened in town. Lots of the older residents were up in arms, writing complaints to the local paper and calling for it to be shut down, but for the young college students it was by far the most glamorous place to work. Not a lap-dancing club, or a fetish play-club, but somewhere between the two - rich businessmen could request that one of the young beauties could join him at his table, and then he could choose from the menu of bondage positions and equipment. Whereupon an assistant would appear, bind the girl in the restraint of the customer's choosing, and he could enjoy the rest of the evening with a living piece of bondage sculpture kneeling before him....

It was Paige's first night, and she was already having the time of her life!

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