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Paige Robbins
Paige: The Swing

Paige was fascinated by the swing at the castle, so we decided to indulge her. Of course, this being Restrained Elegance, she wasn't going to get very indulged... she could play on the swing, but she'd have to be tied to it first!

I think Kate was in a particularly creative mood at the castle. I love this variation on a reverse prayer tie!

Unfortuantely, although the weather was mostly fab, we did have to play dodge the raindrops on a couple of occasions at the castle shoot. This was one of them, which is why it is a rather short set. Although we could probably have left Paige there in the rain, we didn't want to risk the expensive camera and flash system... (just kidding!!!)

But this set is a little short, which is why I've also put up another set from the castle that was cut short by raindrops falling on our heads. Enjoy!

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