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Paige Robbins
Paige - Secretarial School

In these times of economic hardship, it pays to have multiple strings to your employability bow. Just in case the modelling work tails off, Paige decided to enroll in a secretarial school. She reasoned that while a lot of young up-and-coming businesses would do all their own typing on word processors, some of the more traditional firms would still want actual people to do the work for them... and the more traditional the firm, the longer they had been in business and the safer the job.

Now, really, having worked with Chanta she ought to have known what sort of schooling she was going to get! It seemed to have much more to do with on-the-job discipline and correction of unacceptable behaviour than of actually teaching her to type!

Now there's learning on-the-job skills and good discipline, and there's taking liberties. Paige was starting to feel that Chanta's secretarial school was much more about the latter than the former. Really, she wanted to get a job with a blue-chip company. Was learning how to bare her breasts in the office going to help?

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