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Paige Robbins
Paige on Pink

I had the look I wanted firmly in my mind- the bright pink satin, the white fur. The gorgeous blonde. The only thing I couldn't really get fixed in my head was how I wanted her tied. It was the end of a very long run of shoots, and both Chanta and I were starting to get 'bondage fatigue'- that feeling that you can't do a hogtie because you did one four weeks ago. Even though it was with a different model on a different set with different clothes and a different storyline, you still get that 'done that already' feeling. So were sitting around trying to think of what to do when Paige appeared. We explained our predicament. 'I'll see what I can come up with!' said Paige with that mildly irritating bounciness that all the best bondage models seem to have when the rigger and photographer are feeling knackered! Then she got on the floor and threw some poses. 'Mmm. Ah. Maybe. Oooo! That one! Go back to that one! Chanta, can you tie her like that?' And so she did!
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