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Paige Robbins
Paige Reverse Prayer

I *really* enjoy tying up Paige! She's flexible, lithe, limber and willing... and of course she's also absolutely drop-dead gorgeous! It was the last set of the day and I'd not exactly gone easy on her, but she was raring for a really difficult tie to finish off. Never one to refuse a lady, I thought an upper-arm harness with her hands in the reverse prayer position was a good place to start.. Having started with an upper arm harness and her hands in reverse prayer, Paige was still waaaay too mobile for my liking... so I tied her ankles to the harness! As always in a tight tie Paige was in heaven, she kept trying to find the limits of her mobility. She got a fit of the giggles when she discovered she couldn't roll over or get on her side or sit up or do almost anything!
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