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Paige Robbins
Paige Bound in Blue Jeans

A lot of models used to do ballet or gymnastics, or so they say. Paige didn't shout about it when we had been arranging the shoot, but she is one flexible, acrobatic lady! I wanted to have her barefoot (of course- indulge me! :-) and I thought a nice pair of blue jeans and a bra would look nice on the white background. I asked her to do a few glamour poses for me on the stool while I checked the light. She put both hands on the tall bar stool and lifted herself up into the air! She then went though a complete gymnastics set, followed by draping herself across the stool like liquid, living silk! It was almost a shame to tie her up... I could claim that I had a complicated storyline worked out for this set... but it would be nonsense! I thought Paige looked so bloody sexy barefoot in blue jeans that I just wanted to tie her tight... well, tight enough that she couldn't do acrobatics but could still struggle and wriggle around for me really prettily. And you really can't beat a hogtie for restricting movement but allowing those sexy little wiggles, can you? Plus I thought being able see Paige's lovely face and sexy soles at the same time would be a nice little bonus :-) YUM!
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