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Cate Harrington
Cate - Shoplifting shopgirl!

Cate had a good racket going. The store always had a few items go missing, especially stuff that was put back on the wrong rail or the wrong size after the changing room. They'd keep finding stuff that was a season old in some nook or cranny of the shop, and they couldn't very well sell them a seson out of date, so they used to just dump them.

That gave Cate an idea. What if she deliberately "misfiled" a few items from the changing room rail? And what if they happened to be items in her size, and her friend's size? And what if when she went for a ciggy break outside the rear door, her friend just happened to slip in and slip out? And what if she took a few of the "misfiled" clothes with her? Genius!

Sadly, the store detective didn't seem to see it that way. At least he gave her the option of putting the cuffs on herself while they waited for the police- that was somehow less degrading that having them slapped on her might have been. But still, in front of the whole store, shoppers and co-workers and all! And was there really any need to cuff her ankle to the clothes-rail? It wasn't even fixed, it was on rollers! True, she would look pretty conspicuous running through the mall with a clothes rail in tow, and it would slow her down... but maybe he'd better confiscate her shoes, too. Especially as they appear to still have the price label on them from the store's own stockroom!

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