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Cate Harrington
Cate in the Dungeon

I decided to give the gorgeous Cate a warm welcome to Restrained Elegance- by putting her in the cold stone dungeon! Of course, there was a bit of warmth from the torch-light...

As you saw in part one, Cate is pretty uninhibited- that VERY strict crotch rope didn't seem to faze her much and she was rolling around in the straw in a manner most unbecoming a Restrained Elegance young lady :-) A bit of extra restraint seemed to be in order, so I attached her rope web and croth rope to the shackles in the wall and left her to her own devices for a while...

Attaching Cate to the walls didn't seem to have staunched the flow of lewd comments from her... so a bit gag and bridle seemed the most suitable addition. Welcome to Restrained Elegance, Cate! Great to have you!

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