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Kobe Lee
Ariel, Pling & Kobe: Answers on a Postcard

The reason I've not put up this set from our mega-trip to Sweden before now is... I have NO IDEA what it is meant to be about! It was the last day of the trip, everyone was a bit delirious from so much shooting and not much sleep because of the midnight sun and someone had the idea of the girls on a beach, nude, in handcuffs. And then the head-gardens somehow happened. I don't even know if I can do what I usually do and blame Ariel- I have a feeling it was a group-think, seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time sort of thing.

The notes we wrote just after the shoot aren't very much illuminating, except for laying most of the blame with Ariel and Pling, with poor Kobe dragged in to it at the last moment. Even Ariel's writeup says "I'm not sure what the storyline was meant to be, although I'm sure we had one".

So if anyone has a clue what the storyline should be for this set, please send me your answers on a postcard!

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