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Dolly and Delta: How Bizzare!

In which Dolly, internet tycoon, goes to bed in her plush hotel suite (she owns the hotel, so of course she gets the best room), only to be visited by wicked business rival Delta, who arrives intent on plunging her Samurai sword (which was ruinously expensive, and ordered from one of Dolly's own online stores) into the unsuspecting Dolly's bosom...

However, once Delta's actually in the room, she's far more interested in Dolly's computer, which hasn't even been password protected! Delta, sure she'll make very good use indeed of Dolly's business secrets, decides that tying her up securely in a hogtie will be more than adequate for now. That way, she can always come back another time, and steal even more trade secrets!

Poor Dolly awakens to discover she's already tightly bound by Delta, and is about to suffer the indignities of a gag as well. In her OWN suite!

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