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Delta: From Bad To Worse

Delta had never really been a bad girl. A little wild maybe; 'fun loving' perhaps. But not really bad. But unfortunately, she'd just been lucky enough to find a beautiful, expensive-looking ring on the ground, right under the nose of eager young policewoman Lilith.

Lilith wasn't exactly a bad girl either. But she didn't exactly do things by the book. Her uniform was by no means standard issue, and she wasn't actually authorised to arrest criminals without backup. Nevertheless, she decided to give it a go. Delta didn't look too much of a challenge...

And this was where Delta found herself behaving like a really bad girl for the first time in her life. Having securely restrained the young police woman, Delta found herself lusting after Lilith's (also non-standard issue) boots. And why stop there? She wondered. Lilith's hat was very appealing too....

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