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Delta - The Hat Salesgirl

Sometimes I just can't get a mental image out of my mind when I sit down to write these stories. This set has had me stumped. It is a beautifully lit and exquistely shot set Delta, who is one of the loveliest women I've ever seen, elegantly but strictly tied. And what does my brain keep trying to make me write about? A hat salesgirl who was selling hats for Royal Ascot door-to-door and gets tied up when she tries to sell something with an ostritch feather in it to a rabid environmentalist.

Now, inherently, there is nothing wrong with this story. It is no more daft than many of the tales I've perpetrated on these pages over the years. The only trouble is that there is not one thing in the photos which refers to hats, environmentalists, salesgirls, feathers, or any other point of the story, salient or not. And yet, my brain utterly refuses to think of this set as anything other than "Delta the hat salesgirl"! So you'll just have to go with the flow on this one and trust me ;-)

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