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Delta & Sharlize: The Secret of Success

You see? It says so here. The secret of success is tackling your challenges and problems head on! Look at her, she's got a mansion on the Black Sea and six Mercedes. She started off in the gutter! But we only have hotel rooms and chocolates and afternoon liquers. How are we ever going to make it rich?

Maybe we need to generate some challenges for ourselves?

I thought so! I'm so glad you agree! This is Sasha. He's going to set us a challenge. Can we get free?

What? You think you need some real threat to motivate you? The gag and ropes aren't enough? Well, how's this- If you haven't got yourselves out of here by the time I come back with my assistant, I'm going to sell you to the white slavers! Does that motivate you a bit, girls?

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