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Juliana & Delta: One Way To Earn A Buck

It takes all sorts, and as a maid in a hotel, you got to meet an awful lot of them. Delta tried not to be too judgemental about the people staying in her hotel. After all, whatever strange ways they had of making a living, it was them who enabled her to make her daily buck, wasn't it?

But she did draw the line at high-class call girls, especially high-class call girls who were also moonlighting gossip rag gutter journalists who would be writing up the tittilating details of all the people they slept with at Delta's hotel in a week or two's time. That didn't seem very fair to Delta. She confirmed her suspicions by finding a uhge wedge of cash in the sleeping girl's room! (And being alseep in the middle of the afternoon- hardly the mark of a hard working honest citizen, was it?)

... And if a customer wanted to play the game and pretend to be that journo pretending to be a high-class class girl and getting tied up by the hotel maid.... it was a very strange way to leave Delta a tip! But Delta tried to be obliging and do a good job of tying the girl up, make her helpless and tickle her. A harmless enough little kink! Just another way for Delta to earn a buck or a thousand doing maid service....

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