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Stacy Burke
Stacy Burke's Star Trek

Captain's Log, stardate 673.25

We are in orbit around Kapton, a mysterious gloom-shrouded world that orbits the star 97 Pegasi. Whilst on a routine patrol we picked up strange signals modulated upon subspace frequencies previously unfamiliar to us. A preliminary translation by our computer indicated an intelligent origin. Science Officer Stacy Burke beamed down to investigate.

She initially reported tricorder readings which revealed the presence of organo-silicate and heavy carbon compounds, suggesting the presence of a post industrial society. However she could find no sign of artefacts or machinery, and no signs of life. She was finishing her scan when we believe some alien force somehow forced itself into her mind, presenting her with horrors from her deepest subconcious. Her final transmission ended with a scream. Since that time we have been unable to establish contact with the planet and transport beams have been jammed by some unknown agency.

Science Officer Burke's whereabouts and current status remain - unknown.

Science Officer Stacy Burke awoke from the fevered dreams induced by the alien nightmare device to find herself, bound hand and foot by tight white cords, in the darkened cave she had been investigating. Her communicator and tricorder were nowhere to be seen. She wriggled and tested the cords, only to find that they instantly tightened around her struggling wrists and ankles, threatening to cut off her blood flow! No amount of calling for help was going to help- she was well and truly captured. Carefully, trying not to pull against the ropes, she writhed and squirmed to try to free a hand, to no avail...

Then a door slid open in the black walls of her prison. Framed in the light was the muscular form of the alien who had captured her. He strode forward, towering over the terrified Star Fleet officer!

The alien brandished a sinister black device in front of the terrified young Star Fleet officer. Was it some dreadful instrument of torture? Some medical device for examining her most private person?

A voice came from speakers set high in the wall, issuing instructions in a language that was familiar and yet unfamiliar. The black-clad muscular alien spoke to his superior, observing from a chamber high above them.

"Decurion, you have fastened the subjects legs in the correct manner, following our interpretation of the purpose of the device found aboard the civilian pleasure yacht we captured. It seems clear that its primary purpose is to prevent the female closing her legs and thus ensure free access to her genital region."

"Sir, is it not strange that human males are so feeble as to require such assistance?"

"Perhaps, decurion, or perhaps they merely seek to expedite matters and proceed in an efficient fashion. Proceed with the oral restraining apparatus. Clearly this is designed to muffle the awful high pitched noise the female makes prior to mating. You will note its resemblance to a human male copulatory organ. We believe this indicates that earlier in their evolutionary history several males would copulate with each female at once."

"Is it not a waste of energy? Copulating with an orifice where fertilisation cannot occur?"

"Cultural references indicate that the female's mouth is well adapted to this purpose, and probably used to prepare the male copulatory organ for intercourse."

The decurion brandished the black device, now clearly visible as a rubber penis gag. Science Officer Burke's extremely unscientific screams were abruptly muffled as the tip of the gag was forced to the back of her throat and the buckle tightly fastened.

"Are human male copulatory organs all that short?"

"We believe not. It seems that this is merely a representation of the tip. Continue with the process, decurion. We must understand how these humans breed if we are to conquer them!"

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