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Pandora Blake
VIDEO: Captured Pirates

In which Pandora and Ariel play saucy lady pirates (dressed not-very-convincingly as men) and Hywel plays the inn-keeper who, having captured them, is determined to hand them over to the coastguard unless they manage to a) charm him into letting them go, b) escape and kill him, or c) both.

Note by Ariel:

Pandora and I had loads of ideas involving pirates for this shoot, including being hoisted over a beam by our hair, being forced to strip and prove that we were in fact not men at all, and various fantasies about being flogged at sea. In the end, an energetic struggling scene was the safest and most practical of our ideas to actually shoot, and tremendous fun to do. I hope you enjoy it!

09.07 minutes (192.5 MB zip)

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