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Pandora Blake
VIDEO: Ariel and Pandora's Nightmare

Neither Ariel or Pandora remembered being snatched. They'd been home for the evening, in the rambling farmhouse they shared, and the last thing Ariel remembered was hearing someone (she'd believed at the time that it must be Pandora) coming down the hall towards the kitchen where she'd been making hot drinks. Pandora's memory was more hazy - she thought she'd been in her bedroom and the last thing she thought she remembered was seeing her wardrobe door swinging open behind her, as she sat looking into her bedroom mirror. But neither of them could remember the intervening period of time between being at home, and waking up, tied facing each other in an unfamiliar room...

There was no clock, but from the deep aching that'd set into their wrists, and the dryness of their mouths, both of them were sure it'd been several hours - maybe as long as five. Their escape attempts had got them nowhere, but somehow, they didn't dare to stop trying. Neither of them could remember their captor, but both had a feeling that they'd prefer not to have to meet him again.....

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