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Pandora Blake
VIDEO: Ariel - Raiders of Merlin's Cave

Ariel writes:

'The time for being reasonable is past!' croons the bad guy from the first Indiana Jones film, approaching the heroine, Marion, with a red hot poker. And it stuck in my mind, forming the basis of many of my fantasies for many years.

So when we were planning for our shoot with Pandora Blake and our location was a beautiful old English pub, one of the first ideas that leapt into my head was to recreate something like that scene. 'Only with red hot wax, not a poker' I reassured Pandora, who's kinky enough to try most things, but who would probably not be too keen on being actually branded (mmmm, branding).

This is the first movie I've written (by which I mean 'adapted' really), performed in and edited to music. I'm awfully proud of it, especially because I discovered that when your model is emoting properly, you can afford to cut out some of the clunkier dialogue and just concentrate on the interesting things your model is doing. Editing bits of myself out of the final cut was strangely liberating. (Submissive? Dysfunctional?)

I hope you enjoy our tribute to Indiana Jones. I've got ideas for a tribute to 'Temple of Doom' too - I based plenty of fantasies on Indiana capturing the heroine at the end by lassoing her with his bull-whip...

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