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Rebekah Dee
Rebekah Dee - Glamour at Its Finest

Allow me to introduce Rebekah Dee, glamour girl and all around beauty. I met her through Nikki, who persuaded me to shoot some two-girl sets with her. Before Nikki turned up, I tied Rebekah up. This was pretty much her first experience of bondage modelling, so I started off with an easy wrists-and-ankles tie. Rebekah wriggled around very attractively and soon had the ropes loose. Hmmm. A challenge.

Something a little more strenuous perhaps?

So next I tied Rebekah over a stool. This position is a lot more difficult that it looks, because all her weight was resting on her stomach. It got even more tricky when I lifted her feet from the floor and bound them there. With the cuffs around her wrists kept by the legs of the stool, there was actually very little Rebekah could do to get free. The early smiles and giggles trailed off as her bondage went on.

Rebekah's smiles faded away when I added a bright red tape gag. The pensive bite-lower-lip expression that replaced the smile was beautiful. Just what would you do with her, do you think? Imagine- she's bound, at your mercy. Whatever it is, she can't stop you. She knows she's in for something, but what will it be?

Number of Photos: 90 photos, 5.8 MB zip
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Price: $6.99 Per Zip File