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Tina Kay
Tina: Quite a Talking To

Tina arrived home after a long day at the office to find her boyfriend waiting for her with a rather unsettling look on his face. Tina wondered if they were in for some sort of argument, or whether he had some sort of surprise for her. She was right about the surprise, but it wasn't a welcome one at all. Her boyfriend had decided to try bondage for the first time, and it obviously misread her reactions because it was the last thing she wanted to try. Especially now! She was tired; she wanted a big glass of red wine, a bath, and maybe some chocolate. She did not want to be rolling around on the bed, tied tightly with rope and with a big ball gag strapped into her mouth so she couldn't even explain to him that this was not fun for her. When she escaped (and she knew she'd manage to if she kept struggling hard) he was in for quite a talking to!

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