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Tina Kay
Tina: A Funny Sort of Kidnap

Poor Tina, snatched off the street on her way home from work at the posh restaurant she waitressed at, bundled into a black van, driven for hours across bumpy roads, and finally dragged into this dungeon!

Although, as she struggled, she did wonder about a few things. Why was she bound with such pretty rope? Why was the dungeon so clean and warm? Why was she wearing a gag that was clearly custom-made to make her drool as much as possible? And why, why was her captor's voice faintly familiar to her? Had she been kidnapped by the rich, powerful looking man who always sat in her section at the restaurant, and always tipped so very well? Tina suspected that she hadn't been kidnapped for ransom, but for something far more…interesting....

Please welcome gorgeous new girl Tina Kay to Restrained Elegance!

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