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Faith Obae
Faith In Ropes

Please welcome stunning new model Faith Obae to Restrained Elegance!

As you can probably tell from my whinging, Ariel and my prospective house move has played merry hell with our shooting schedule. So I've been booking shoots at much shorter notice than I usually do, and for this one I posted a casting call on a modelling site (the first time I've done so since back in 2007 I think!)

I was gobsmacked by how many great models contacted me, but there was one model whose portfolio really stood out: Faith's. I loved the high impact of a lot of her shots (and obviously she's absolutely gorgeous, too). The one thing that worried me was that she had no bondage shots in her portfolio. Following it up, yes, she knew the shoot was bondage. No, she's never been tied up before. Yes, she loved our stuff and was keen to give it a go! And the results speak for themselves. Pure awesomeness :-)

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