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Alais Peach
Alais: Christmas in the Dungeon

Alias is a fine present to find in the dungeon on Christmas morning!

Hywel's note: putting this set up as a bonus for Xmas day. This was the start of Dave the Hasselblad's "tricky" period with the 50mm lens in particular failing to find focus- which explains why this is a short set. I had to discard a lot of shots where focus was unacceptable, and even in the ones that remain they aren't of the usual technical quality. I couldn't just chuck the set away- Alais is doing good things! So as I often do when I've screwed up (or the camera has screwed up and I've not noticed) I decided to put it up as a bonus/out-take for you. Hope you enjoy it!

52 pics 122.5 MB zip

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