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Samantha Bentley
Samantha Bentley: What A Way To Pass A Showery Afternoon

You know, when I said it was romantic to be spending a showery afternoon together, this wasn't quite what I had in mind. I was thinking of us walking hand in hand, splashing through puddles in wellington boots, watching for rainbows and flicking water at each other like in the very cheesiest of rom-coms. I can see your idea has some merit. I'm sure I look very tempting lashed to this chair like this, the ropes pushing my boobs forward, my hands over my head bound down to the chair making me oh-so helpless. I'm sure it is very alluring. Yes, go ahead and look. It's not like I'm going anywhere.

It's just where it comes to the bit-gag that you and I part company. I see this afternoon as an opportunity for lots of romantic talking, even if I am all tied up. The fact that you think you need to gag me suggests either that a) you are fed up of the sound of my voice, which I find hard to believe or b) that you think it is extra-romantic, which I am here to tell you it is not, or (and experience suggests this is the most likely explanation) c) that you are planning to torment, torture, whip and punish me until I beg for mercy, and beg for you to take me to bed. None of which quite fits in with the plans I had for this afternoon, as I said.

But, since I'm stuck here and silenced with the aforementioned gag, perhaps I'll just leave it up to you, shall I? Yes, I agree. I think that probably would be for the best!

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