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The Elegance Network: Browsing Ayla Rose: An Expensive Habit
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Ayla Rose
Ayla Rose: An Expensive Habit

An addiction can be an expensive habit. Addicted to the adrenaline, to the forbidden, the secretive rendezvous, the purchase of illicit things, things that society frowns upon. But I can't stay away. Working as a baker, I don't have much money to spare. You have to sell a lot of iced cream puffs to pay for just one hit! Oh, but the rush when you get there, the deep satisfaction like nothing else.

Yes, an addiction to her is an expensive habit. But somehow I just have to go one more time. The lure of lights, the stage, and then she appears... and I wonder. Is she addicted to the hit, too? Does performing make her feel inside like watching her makes me feel? Is she a baker, a banker, a candle-stick maker?

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