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Ayla Rose
Ayla: Game of Slaves - Mistress Ayla's Nemesis

Mistress Ayla @AylaRoseModel is a popular, pretty, middle-ranking dominatrix on #GameOfSlaves specialising in barefoot domination.

But somewhere along the line she has made a true enemy, a nemesis determined to humiliate her and bring her down. She has no idea who the masked thugs are, or who they are working for. They appear to able to strike through her (very expensive!) security cordon at will, even reaching her in her private inner chambers! Today, they seem to have sent a black-clad hit-woman. Masked as always, carrying a stun-gun- the thugs respect the rules of the game even whilst violating the spirit to bring their victim down. Maybe it is an obsessed fan? Maybe a rival domme she somehow slighted on the way up? Or maybe one of the reclusive former winners who has decided to turn the queen of foot fetish domination into their own personal bitch?

Whatever, Ayla soon finds herself bound in her own dungeon, the assassin making sure to take a great photo-set of images to prove how close Ayla had come to complete defeat. The first time they targeted her, the thug just stole her shoes. The second time, they took her shoes and over-skirt. This time they strip her completely naked below the waist, shaming and humiliating her but also sending a powerful message... each time, they were taking one more step towards stripping her naked, leaving her bared and bound for the world to see. They will not enslave her, then. Locking on the collar will be the final step. Left for the next time. And however good her guards are, they will get to her. They will reach her one last time, remove her shoes, her sari, her underskirt, her corset, her blouse, leave her naked and then, only then, will they lock - or perhaps even weld- the inescapable heavy burden of a metal slave collar around her pretty neck. And she will know that she is beaten.

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